Beware The Cult Of Personality

I’ve been thinking lately about the cult of personality, when one person is able to exert tremendous influence over a large group by sheer virtue of his or her charisma. Flattery and praise are unquestioned, and naysayers are summarily disposed of.

I’ve witnessed the cult of personality in otherwise intelligent and well-reasoned attorneys.

As a general matter, lawyers are inquisitive and intelligent. They read, study, learn and adopt practices and procedures over time, adjusting as the need to do so arises.

At least, that’s the way it is supposed to work.

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New Program to Save Time Launching Programs

I admit it – I’m lazy.  I hate it when I’m working in a program – let’s say Firefox – and I want to go check out a document in Adobe Acrobat because it means that I need to go to the Start bar on my machine, find the program and then wait for it to load.

Valuable seconds off my day, and an increase in my blood pressure.  I hate to wait.  Really, really hate it.

Now as if on cue, a program called Launchy falls into my lap.  Install it on your computer and quickly launch any program by calling up Launchy using ALT+SPACE.  A dialog box pops up on screen and you type in what you want to launch; as you type, Launchy tries to anticipate the program you’re looking for.

Want to bring up Firefox?  Just call up Launchy and type F-I-R and suddenly your Firefox icon pops up.  Hit ENTER and presto – there it is!

I know my Mac readers will jump in to let me know that they’ve had this tool for quite some time.  I’m aware of Quicksilver, but Launchy is the way for us Windoze users to feel as if we’re nearly as cool as our Mac counterparts.

By the way – Launchy is expected to be ported to Linux at some point in the future, so fingers crossed for those of you using Ubuntu and other Linux distros.

Thanks to TechnoEsq for pointing out this terrific timesaver.

Client Referrals Are The Key To Marketing Success

Do you get a ton of referrals from prior clients? Not a few, not some, but a ton?

Most lawyers don’t. Oh sure, they get some referrals and think they’re doing great. My consulting clients brag to me that they get 5 or 10 referrals every month. That’s great, if you’re only doing 20 cases a month.

Referrals are the best marketing, period. But there’s a secret to getting those referrals, a hidden gem of wisdom that most lawyers don’t exploit on a daily basis.

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Search Engine Optimization – What's all the fuss?

In the last 6 months, I’ve spent an inordinate and possibly unhealthy amount of time learning about “search engine optimization” or SEO as the acronym geeks call it, and I’ve become relatively good at the techniques (don’t go testing this site for SEO – I haven’t put my efforts here.)

In any case, I’ve listened to hours of SEO podcasts, done my own internet research, paid “lawyer money” to talk to SEO consultants and implemented techniques I picked up along the way.

My friends who don’t care to or need to understand my new found obsession still don’t care. Though they do wonder why I would spend so much time on SEO when I could just continue to pay for Google Adwords (which has yielded phenomenal ROI).

So . . . what’s all the fuss?

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