Top 4 Online Legal Marketing Tips From Angry Birds

Online Legal Marketing Angry Birds

It was about six months ago that my friend called me up and asked, “Have you played Angry Birds yet?”  I’d never heard of it, but she swore it was as addictive as Cool Ranch Doritos (if there were a 12-step program for Cool Ranch, I’d totally be a lifetime member).

I’m not much of a gamer, primarily because if I turn on a video game the rest of the world disappears in a haze of Cool Ranch Doritos and Diet Coke.  I remember being a teenager and playing Zork for something like 986 hours straight just because it was there and I simply HAD TO finish it.

Still, I took a chance and downloaded Angry Birds to my old iPhone (the one I’d disconnected last December when AT&T pissed me off for the last time).  I figured it would serve as a nice complement to Peek-A-Boo Lite when my son needed to be mollified during a long wait for lunch at the local diner.

My son never had a chance.  It was love at first bird.  Death to the pigs!  Suddenly I was taking the iPhone with me on the train, to the laundry, and even on walks with the dog at night.  I began considering an Angry Birds 12-Step Program, but then decided it would detract from my game playing.

Those folks at Rovio have a huge hit on their hands, bringing in just about $1 million per month on the Android platform alone.  For a game that’s free.  That’s not counting the $0.99 people pay to get it on the iPhone and iPad.  So how did they do it, and what lessons can you take away for your online legal marketing efforts? [Read more…]

Happy Chanukah From Legal Practice Pro

I can’t spell the holiday to save my life.  In 40 years on this Earth, I don’t think I’ve run across anyone who can do so definitively.  That’s because it’s a Hebrew word, not English.  So stop stressing over the spelling.

Anyway, it always pissed me off as a kid that Christmas got all the cool songs; I’m a huge fan of David Bowie and Bing Crosby doing Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy, which I first heard on Friday Night Videos (if you remember that show, give it some love in the comments section below). We got stuff in Hebrew, a language I never fully grokked. Then we got Adam Sandler singing his Chanukah song; it was funny, but everything he does sounds like Opera Man to me – and Opera Man is not, to my knowledge, a Jewish character.

Tonight at sundown light the menorah, crack open a cold He’brew beer, spin the dreidel, eat some latkes and crank up this freakin’ awesome song.  Who says we Jews can’t get down with the best of ‘em?

Law Firm Marketing And “The Buy My $#!^” Mentality

law firm marketing is pushy

When confronted with a marketing message from a law firm, rather than education or information we’re accosted by nothing more than an obnoxious attempt to get us to hire the lawyer.  That’s true whether we’re in the market for legal help or not.

This “Buy My $#!^” mentality is so pervasive that not only have we become accustomed to it but it’s led us to tune out law firm marketing messages entirely.  It’s as if we’ve all grown internal TiVO devices and merely opt out of the marketing entirely.

It’s as if we believe that telling someone to hire us is going to be just the thing to get them to move into our waiting arms.  As if they’ve got no mind or decision-making process of their own to contend with.

Consider that your prospective clients aren’t [Read more…]