Summertime And The Slowing Consumer Bankruptcy Market

Summertime Slow Bankruptcy Work

According to government statistics, bankruptcy filings in May 2011 were down 16% from May 2010 figures.  Some places are in even worse shape.

I’m betting that this summer will bring the first “Summer Slowdown” for bankruptcy lawyers in the past few years.

More bankruptcy lawyers out there, fewer clients coming through the doors.

Not good at all.  But then again, we all knew it would happen sooner or later.

You’ve got two choices:

  • take it in the groin; or
  • fight for your share of the market.

Your competitors are on vacation, playing in the park with their kids.  They’re enjoying Summer Fridays, half days and sunshine.

Are you?

Or are you launching a blog and loading it up with content?  Maybe navigating the deep waters of social media?

Maybe you’re looking at your in-house procedures and trying to figure out how to get your clients to pay their fees and provide documents in a timely manner, fall in love with you, and refer their friends and family members.

Whatever you’re doing, you need to be … well DOING something.

You can take this seasonal intermission as an opportunity to leap ahead of the competition.  Learn a few things and set things up for the long haul.  Or you can come back from your summer vacation with a tan and a silent phone.

What are you doing this summer?

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Google Plus For Lawyers: Some Essential Resources

Last week Google rolled out Google Plus, a social network that’s being called a “Facebook Killer.” Whether it is or is not remains to be seen, but this latest entrant into the social media space by the search giant is likely to have an impact on the future of how we interact on the web. I’m not saying Plus will take over the world, though; it may fail entirely, in which case it would serve as yet another testing grounds for Google for a future social media play.

As lawyers begin to get their Plus invitations and set about playing in this new field, there are likely to be questions and the common “what the hell is this Plus thing?” sentiment that we’ve experienced time and time again. To help you along, I’ve decided to put together this guide to some of the cornerstone posts from around the web about Plus.

Google Plus: The Basics

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Tutorials And Getting Started With Google Plus

How to invite friends to join Google Plus

How To Invite People To Google Plus (Tutkiun!)

How to mention someone in the Google Plus

How To Video Podcast Using Google Plus Hangouts (Phandroid)

How To Blog With Google Plus (Chris Brogan)

How To Share Google Plus(+) Posts On Facebook And Twitter? (Buzzing Up)

Google Plus Tips And Shortcuts (Local SEO Guide)

How To Update Facebook From Google + (Without An Extension) (But Seriously …)

My Take

I’ve been playing around with Plus over the past few days, trying to make heads or tails of it.  For now I think it’s a potentially valuable tool but it all comes down to the network effect.  If enough people join Plus and start using it then it could be fantastic, what with the ability to silo your contact groups and direct conversations to the right people rather than vomiting it out to an entire stream of thousands of folks who couldn’t care less.

Look for more from me.  Until then, enjoy.  I’ll see you on Plus.


Why Your Law Firm Website’s Ranking Depends On Who You Know

law firm website seo social media

You hire a search engine optimization company to get your law firm website to the top of Google.  But is search engine optimization becoming more a matter of who you know?

The cornerstone of your law firm online marketing efforts is, as of this writing, Google.  And if your law firm website isn’t at the top of the search engine results page you may as well take your ball and go home.  Hit the top organic spot and you’ll grab about 56% of the clicks for the search term.  From there, the potential client is yours to lose.

But here’s the thing: what you see when you search online is not what I see.  In many cases it’s not even close.

If you don’t already know about it, you need to understand Personalized Search. Once you do, you’ll see the true value of using social media platforms and building your law firm website ranking the right way.

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