Does Your Press Release Do Your Law Firm More Harm Than Good?

Press releases can be useful for lawyers, even in this digital day and age.  It’s a good way to get out the word about some newsworthy event like a major victory or new initiative, though cultivating relationships with the press before you have a potential story is far more likely to bear fruit.  Still, sometimes the old ways are good enough.

Lots of lawyers are using online press releases as a means of attracting valuable inbound links and attention, thereby raising their SEO profiles.  Nothing wrong with that, either.

The disturbing trend I’ve been seeing, however, is the dissemination of online press releases for evens that are far from newsworthy.  It’s the online equivalent of broadcasting your child’s first successful use of the potty.

Actually, it’s worse than that because the potty trip is exciting for at least the parents and grandparents.

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