How To Turn Local Social Networking Contacts Into Real Business Relationships

social media localIn his post, 7 Local Business Blogging Tips, Stanford Smith talks about moving the needle locally rather than globally.  It’s an interesting read, worthy of any lawyer looking to increase his or her client base.

As lawyers most of us are working in local practices.  We serve the same town, city or state in which we practice with rare exceptions.  In spite of that, most of the time you’re probably not keeping that in mind when you’re marketing online.

You connect with people all over the country, reasoning that social media is free.  Sure, the platforms cost nothing in terms of dollars out of your pocket but there is a huge cost in terms of time and opportunity cost if you’re using them properly.

Think about it.   [Read more…]

5 Ways To Get More Bankruptcy Clients Even As Filings Are Plummeting (Plus An Extra One)

Remember when being a consumer bankruptcy lawyer was easy? Not too much competition, more clients, and better fees?

Those days are over.

When the recession hit, everyone got into the bankruptcy field. Not only newly-minted attorneys but also those who practiced in other areas that were suffering from the economic meltdown.

And for awhile, it was alright. There were enough filings to go around, and not enough lawyers to take on the work.

Then filings started circling the drain. In fact, we’re on track to see at least 25% fewer filings in 2012 than there were in 2011. Even places like Florida, Arizona and California – places where filings remained high even as the rest of the nation declined in 2011 – are feeling the pinch.

There’s good news, though. Most bankruptcy lawyers still haven’t gotten their arms around this whole marketing thing. So here are 5 ideas you can use (plus an extra one at the end). [Read more…]

3 Ways To Get Into Your Client’s Head

client profiling for law firmsYou know who you want to attract as a client, but do you know what life looks like through your client’s eyes?  Profiling your client based on  the pulse of their world could give you a huge leg up on the competition.

When I was first opening my bankruptcy practice, I took a long look at how my area looked.  In fact, I spent about a week just walking around to get a feel for the rhythm of life.

I walked into stores, looked for gas stations, and checked out the supermarkets.  In so doing, I came to understand the pressures felt by the people who I was looking to attract as clients.

That was likely the most important part of the start-up phase of my marketing because it helped me get into my client’s world.  I could walk the proverbial mile in my client’s shoes, which let me understand what I needed to know in terms of figuring out how to solve his or her problems. [Read more…]

EZ-Filing Bought By CIN – Too Little, Too Late?

I have just been informed that EZ-Filing, a major bankruptcy forms preparation package used by a number of consumer bankruptcy lawyers around the country, has become part of the CINgroup of companies.

CIN provides Consumer Liability Reports, Post Discharge Review, Tax Transcripts, Valuation, Title, Real Property, Credit Score Analysis, as well as Data Information and Due Diligence Services to the profession.

With the addition, of EZ-Filing, CIN rounds out the suite of services available to lawyers who practice in the field.

Personally, I don’t get it. [Read more…]

If Your Friends Told You To Jump Off A Bridge

Jump off a bridgeHow many times does a kid get into trouble because of what his friend does, only to be asked this question?  

When I was young, I heard it regularly.  Maybe you did too, or you’ve said it to your little ones.  Funny how we don’t take out own advice.

Over the past few years I made it a habit to follow every lawyer and law firm I could find on Twitter.  There was so much I could learn from others, I reasoned.  Clearly they’d be sharing nuggets of wisdom that I could catch. [Read more…]