Accessing Google Without Your Web Browser

Lots of lawyers have Google accounts for email, RSS feeds, documents, and more. But one thing that always bugged me was the fact that I had to waste a browser window on Google. I can have a bunch of browser tabs open, but it gets cluttered and makes me feel boxed in.

Enter GMDesk.

GMDesk is an Adobe Air application that lets you run Google without troubling your browser. This comes in handy because it lets me close my browser without losing contact with Google Mail or Calendar or Docs. Even better, it lets me keep my Gmail or Google Reader account front-and-center no matter what I’m currently browsing.

If you don’t know what Adobe Air is, it’s like Java inasmuch as it’s an application that lets you run other programs regardless of your operating system. So this works for Mac as well as for Windows.

GMDesk is free, as is Adobe Air.

Download Adobe Air here.

Download GMDesk here.