Apple and Google Alliance?

I have actually been voicing my opinion about this for sometime now. And it seems I may have been right.

Yesterday’s Apple press event saw the unveiling of new iMacs and major updates to the company’s iLife and iWork software suites. But it also provided further insight into the cosy relationship developing between Apple and Google, with greater integration between the two companies’ product lines.

What’s new? iMovie ‘08 adds the ability to upload video direct to YouTube, and iWeb (Apple’s web page creation software) now integrates with Google Maps and YouTube, along with support for Adsense.

Combine these efforts with the existing iPhone tie-ins — Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail — along with AppleTV’s recently added support for YouTube, and we can see how the Apple/Google alliance is strengthening.

And don’t forget there is a Google person on the board at Apple. So what more could we see?

With iWorks ‘08 adding a user-friendly spreadsheet application, in addition to word processing, Google Docs integration could be a possibility. Google’s also thought to be developing its own web-based presentation software, so the same might apply to Apple’s Keynote software too. Along these lines we could also see Google Docs support coming to the iPhone, and were that to happen, then in many ways the much talked about GPhone would already exist, except it would be spelt with an “i”.

I look for more good stuff to come. Especially when one considers the possible web based applications one can use on the iPhone and where Google is going with that. And if you consider that the iPhone will most likely move from the EDGE network to 3g sometime, speed for web based applications will not be a problem.

There are just too many possibilities this relationship could bring to the user.

Source for Post: last100