Blawging Lawyers — What is it all about?

Michael Martine and I wanted to provide an overview of what the members of Blawging Lawyers can expect. We have a lot of great material in store for the members which will help them market their law practice effectively through blogging, social media and beyond.

Overview of Blawging Lawyers Features

Blawging Lawyers has several major features that combine to provide a total 360-degree education in law practice blog and internet marketing:

  • Written course texts in both Web page and downloadable “print-and-carry” PDF formats.
  • Audio “teleclasses” which overlap the other materials, but which are not duplicates of them and have their own unique content.
  • WordPress Walk-through videos that show you step-by-step how to use your blogging software.
  • Audio Interviews with Professionals you can listen to or download as downloadable PDF-format transcripts.
  • Recordings of all previous live teleseminars available for you to listen to whenever you like.
  • A Recommended Resources Area where you’ll find links to the best resources we know of to accelerate your learning curve with blog marketing and make setting up your blog easier.
  • Community forums where you can interact with other Blawging Lawyers members and ask questions of Michael, Grant, and each other.
  • Live teleseminars three times over the 6 months, in which you can ask questions of Grant, Michael, and the experts brought in to lend their expertise to a subject.

All-told, you’re looking at a rich vein of blog marketing gold. There are still plenty of good blogs on the web with plenty to offer about blogging and internet marketing, but most of them aren’t focused exclusively on law practices. Everything you need to become a law practice marketing wizard is here, under one virtual classroom roof, in Blawging Lawyers.

Overview of Course Content

Blawging Lawyers course content is divided into several broad categories, each containing a series of individual lessons or topics. There are many lessons within Blawging Lawyers, and more are created on a frequent basis. The major categories are as follows:

  • Blog Marketing and Internet Marketing Lessons
  • Interviews with Professionals
  • WordPress Walk-through Videos
  • Blog Case Study Videos
  • Live Q&A Session Audios
  • Recommended Resources

The Lesson Plan

B7989F55-F291-401D-B181-4161B599ACFF.jpgBlawging Lawyers features content that is released “automagically” according to a scheduled lesson plan, just like a “real” curriculum in a “real” school.

Each member of Blawging Lawyers receives the content according to the lesson plan. As each new member joins, the timetable begins for that person, and new content is made available according to the lesson plan as it progresses from their start date.

The timing of the Lesson Plan is to release the next lesson (and sometimes more than one topic) once per week. Once per week might be too quickly for some, but once a lesson is available to you, it’s always available. You could go on vacation for a couple weeks and just catch up when you come back refreshed.

Blog Marketing Lessons

Most of the course content is focused on this area, naturally. Below is a complete list of these lessons:

  1. Why A Blog for a Law Practice?
  2. Aligning Your Blog to Your Practice Area
  3. Getting Set Up and Running 1 – Hiring Help
  4. Getting Set Up and Running 2 – Do it Yourself
  5. How to Use a Feed Reader and the Benefits of RSS
  6. How to Get Noticed 1 – Promoting Your Blog Before Launch
  7. How to Get Noticed 2 – Promoting Your Blog After Launch
  8. How to Get Search Traffic
  9. What to blog about
  10. How to save yourself from writer’s block
  11. Using an editorial calendar and organizing to blog
  12. Turn Visitors into Readers
  13. Turn Blog Readers into Clients
  14. Reading the Numbers: Visitor Statistics
  15. The Social Media Connection – An Overview
  16. Twitter for Lawyers
  17. LinkedIn for Lawyers and Practices
  18. Facebook for Lawyers
  19. Ethics of blogging for lawyers and firm policies
  20. Using a blog and a website together or separate?
  21. Networking online and offline to promote your blog
  22. Email Marketing Basics 1 – Use the Power of Permission to Grow Your Profits
  23. Copywriting Basics – The Importance and Power of Words
  24. Linkbaiting for Lawyers – What it is and How to Do It
  25. Using Video Effectively on Your Law Blog
  26. Promoting Your Blog Locally
  27. What to Do when You Run for Office

WordPress Tutorials

These are provided starting after the Getting Set Up and Running 2 – Do it Yourself lesson.

  1. Getting Around in WordPress
  2. How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress
  3. How to Manage Comments in WordPress
  4. Creating Core Content Before Launch
  5. Working with Widgets in WordPress
  6. Working with Themes in WordPress
  7. Working with Plugins in WordPress
  8. Getting and Using Great Pictures for Blog Posts
  9. Creating and Managing a Blogroll

Internet Marketing for Law Practices

Once you graduate beyond having all the clients you can handle, you can use Internet marketing to take advantage of your position to create passive online income streams. These will begin to appear in your Content area (Lesson Plan) after the Copywriting Basics – The Importance and Power of Words lesson.

  1. Email Marketing Basics 2 – Use the Power of Permission to Grow Your Profits
  2. What a Landing Page is and When to Use One
  3. Advertising Online 1 – The Basics
  4. Advertising Online 2 – Pay Per Click Campaigns with Google AdWords
  5. Create and Market Information Products to Attract More Clients and Generate Supplemental Profits

Quick Links

Blawging Lawyers News

The News page is where you’ll find members-only announcements not found on the blog. Look here for news regarding technical or content updates and changes which you need to know, but which are not intended for the public.

Blog Case Study Videos

From time to time, we’ll be doing blog case study videos, where, using screencasting (video of what’s on a computer screen) we’ll perform a critique of a member’s blog. Blog case study videos are immensely helpful, not only to the attorneys whose blogs we study, but for everyone who watches. Each one will have valuable take-aways you can apply to your own blog.

Success Interviews

One of the keys to your success in “blawging” is doing what others have done successfully. In other words, you need great examples to work from. We have them aplenty. A small overall number of attorneys are blogging, and out of that small number, a smaller number yet are successful enough to serve as examples to everyone else. These Success Interviews are made available here as a collection you can listen to whenever you want, as often as you like.

Live Q&A Session Audios

Three times over the 6 months, we’re going to conduct live question-and-answer seminars where you can ask any question and get no-holds-barred answers from us and our experts. These will be made available to any member who wants to listen in on these session later.

Recommended Resources

You will find a listing of resources external to Blawging Lawyers which we recommend to you. The Recommended Resources lists includes any of the following:

  • Other law practice marketing blogs and sites.
  • Relevant books on law practice marketing (some of these are authored by experts we’re interviewing).
  • Blogging sites and books.
  • Internet marketing sites and books.
  • And more.

Thanks for Reading Through what we are going to be offering at Blawging Lawyers

As you can see, there’s a lot of content in Blawging Lawyers. But you don’t have to worry about trying to absorb everything as fast as possible, because the Lesson Plan automagically presents the lessons in a time-release fashion. You’re in for a great ride! Successfully marketing your practice through blogging could be the breakthrough for you that it has been for us and our experts.

What You Can Do Now

Go to Blawging Lawyers and sign up to receive our Blawging Lawyers Report. Also, be watching for further announcements on when we will be taking the membership side of things live. It is just around the corner.

Solo Practice University — Faculty Announcement — Jay Foonberg

It is amazing to watch the announcements coming from Solo Practice University™ over the last few days. First Carolyn Elefant and now Jay Foonberg. Two of the biggest names in the solo lawyer community. This is just outstanding and not only an amazing chain of events for SPU. It is a huge couple of announcement for those who are going to be the students at SPU. Where else can you go and get this amount of knowledge from two power house faculty members in one place. No where. I can’t wait and I am just glad to be even a small part of this.

Jay Foonberg has successfully practiced business law, business litigation, estate and probate litigation, legal ethics and aviation law. He will teach two courses at Solo Practice University™.

One course is entitled, ‘Client Relations 101: Teaching lawyers how to change their ways of doing things to improve client relations.’ By doing so it will result in the elimination of avoidable ethics and malpractice complaints while simultaneously improving the success of the practice. This course is based upon his famous ‘Nine Steps To A Successful Practice’.

The second course is entitled, ‘Ethics and Professionalism 101: Covering both the basics and the new developments in the traditional ethics areas including Conflicts, Trust Accounts, Client Confidences, Internet and Media Advertising, Multi Client Representation, Fee Agreements, Permissible Fee Arrangements’. This course will serve as an excellent review of law school ethics updated to be current. The course will also cover professionalism, the differences between a profession and an occupation, and the differences between a profession and a business as well as lawyer to lawyer conduct, and how these differences affect Americas’ trust in lawyers and the legal system as evidenced by the increasing number of complaints against lawyers.

Jay has served in the ABA House of Delegates; he is on the Advisory Council for the ABA Commission on Evaluation of the Rules of Professional Conduct and he was a founder of the ABA Law Practice Management Section. His book, How To Start and Build a Law Practice (5th edition), is the book that is most frequently stolen from law libraries in the United States and it has earned more than $1 million for the ABA, and has been their best seller every year since 1977. Mr. Foonberg is the author of three other important books, all available from the ABA: How to Get and Keep Good Clients (3rd edition); Finding the Right Lawyer; and The ABA Guide to Lawyer Trust Accounts. A much sought after speaker, Jay has led seminars and taught client relations, malpractice prevention, ethics and client development in every one of the 50 states and as far afield as Europe, South America and Asia in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Jay earned his JD from UCLA Law School and has received the prestigious Harrison Tweed Award, CLE’s highest honor. He lives and practices in Beverly Hills, California.

Recognition of his skills has resulted in his being perhaps the only person ever honored for lifetime achievements with awards from four American Bar Association entities including the following:

  • Harrison Tweed award from the ABA-PLI Consortium on Continuing Legal Education for being the Most Outstanding CLE Educator in the United States.
  • Sam’s Smith Medal for a Lifetime Achievements by the Law Practice Managment Section of the ABA.
  • Don Riklis award for Lifetime Achievements by the General Practice Solo and Small Firm Division of the ABA.
  • Law Student Division of The ABA for Life Time Achievements.,
  • Lou Goldberg Award as the Most Outstanding Attorney-CPA in the United States by the American Association of Attorney-CPA’s.

Jay has also been decorated by the nations of Argentina and Brazil for his work in International Trade as well as having been accepted by The Knights of Malta for his work with hospitals throughout the world.

For more information about Jay, visit his website.   (He will have a blog very soon!)

Mr. Foonberg has expressed optimism and enthusiasm in Solo Practice University™ as a platform, available anywhere in the world via the internet, to provide both basic and current information and ideas to help solos and small firm lawyers provide high quality legal services to their clients and to the community. He will also provide information on the resources available to solos and small firms through National and local bar organizations.

Source for Post Solo Practice University™.

WordPress SEO — Do I need it?

B187C075-4675-47B1-AFB2-9A9D24652BD1.jpgSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the hot button topics right now and there is a lot of discussion about it. For some, just the thought of worrying about SEO causes a sick feeling to overcome them. And it shouldn’t. Search engine optimization is not something you or I should be scared of. In fact, it is not impossible for us to do and because of that, we need to be looking at SEO every time we draft a blog post.

Why do I Need to Worry About WordPress SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization, commonly called SEO means just what it says. We need to optimize not only our entire site for maximum search engine placement. We need to make sure we optimize each blog post too.
  • Not being found in a search conducted by one of our possible visitors is really the same as our blog not existing at all. In other words, we need to make sure we are being found in the search engines when someone is looking for topics we are writing about.
  • Keep in mind there is a direct correlation between the link structure of a blog, its content, and whether or not site pages will rank well in a search. What? Exactly, keep reading.
  • The questions we have and the answers we need about WordPress SEO are really not being answered by the generic SEO courses available right now. In fact, there is almost nothing out there that thoroughly addresses the needs of a person who is both new to SEO and who is using a WordPress self-hosted blog, until now.
  • A new study course to teach WordPress SEO is available. I was given an advance copy of the program and it was amazing. I have been blogging for 4 years and there was a ton of stuff on it I did not know. In fact, I have already started to do some of the suggestions on my own blog and my traffic has increased.
  • The study course is called, WordPress SEO Secrets: Search Optimization Magic for WordPress Blogs. This is one study course you don’t want to miss out on.

Get your own copy of this great WordPress SEO study course by going to this link:
WordPress SEO Secrets: Search Optimization Magic for WordPress Blogs

Faculty Announcement – Carolyn Elefant

This is exciting, my friend and fellow blogger Carolyn Elefant has been named to the faculty at Solo Practice University™.

Carolyn Elefant is a lawyer, author and blogger. She will teach a course entitled ‘Starting Your Own Bar Association’ at Solo Practice University™.

Carolyn is founder and principal attorney in the Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant (LOCE). Prior to founding LOCE, Carolyn worked as an associate attorney for the law firm of Duncan and Allen, a national energy boutique located in Washington D.C. from 1990-1993 and served as an attorney advisor with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from 1988 to 1990. In addition, from 1994 through 1997, Carolyn held an adjunct faculty position with the University of Maryland University College Paralegal Studies Program where she taught contract law.

Carolyn’s law practice is focused on energy work, including emerging renewable energy development and compliance/enforcement issues, appeals, and civil rights litigation. To learn more about her law practice, visit her website, Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant, the trade association that she co-founded and for which she serves as regulatory counsel Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition and her law firm blog, LOCE Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Blog. In addition, she also blogs at American Law Media’s Legal Blogwatch.

Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be

Carolyn is the creator of, a popular weblog for and about solo lawyers and small law firms. MyShingle was the first of the now dozen or so blogs by other solo and small firm lawyers who generously offer their wisdom on a range of issues like starting a firm, working from home, maximizing use of technology and share their own personal experience of the process of going solo.

MyShingle lead to a book deal and in January 2008, her publisher, Decision Books released her book, Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be
. The first major book on solo practice in five years, Solo by Choice is a why to book that explores the benefits of starting a law practice, as well as a how to book on leveraging 21st century trends like outsourcing, social networking, alternative billing and the Internet to start and create a successful practice.

Source for Post Solo Practice University™.

Blog For Profit

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Don't forget to stop by Blog For Profit where we are discussing all things about blogging to market and promote your professional service firm.  In addition, we discuss using social media tools such as twitter too.  

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