Shorter Is Smarter

Once upon a time, someone defined a blog post as being a link to someone else’s story with a few bits of your own commentary built in.  That worked pretty well for awhile.

Then people realized that by adding comments to the blog posts, you could have a conversation with other people who read the same piece and had something to add to it.  So blogging was redefined as being something weighty.

Smart people, after all, seldom use fewer than 400 words to get to a point.

But what if you’re simply answering a question? Do you take 400 words to respond to a simple query?

Do your clients even want such a long-winded response?

Do they have the time or inclination to read it?

Probably not.  Consider that next time you set your hand the the keyboard.

Sometimes, shorter is smarter.

The Currency Of Credibility

Endorsements, reviews and feedback are all the rage.

Like a product or a service? Click the button and move on.

Have a less-than-stellar time of things? Show your displeasure.

When you endorse a fellow lawyer, you lend our credibility and authority.  You’re proclaiming to the world, “I know this attorney and trust him in this particular field of practice.”

What happens when you recommend or endorse a lawyer for skills he or she does not possess?

How about sending someone to a lawyer for divorce only to be told that the attorney practices only in an unrelated field?

LinkedIn Endorcements

Our strongest currency is our credibility.

Squander that and there’s nothing left, professionally and personally.

Better off refraining from making the recommendation.

Spend your currency where it will do the most good.

There Are No Shortcuts

shortcutYou fire up a new website or blog, expecting to see massive amounts of traffic. Your web marketing company promised it, after all.

A web guru says during a webinar that you need to get into search engine optimization. You need to repeat certain terms in your website so the Internet will rank you at the top of the results. So you turn every page into, “Bankruptcy Lawyer In Cleveland,” and wait for the rankings.

No such luck.

Someone tells you that you MUST be on Twitter. So you sign up and push out a bunch of links, expecting them to go viral and make you a superstar.

Doesn’t happen.

Here’s the thing: there are no shortcuts. No magic button to press, no secrets to be revealed.

Yes, you need to understand search engine optimization. Then you need to deploy it, hone it, perfect your technique.

Sure, you should understand the impact of social media and where it fits with your audience.

The learning never ends. There is no finish line. Because once you know what you’re doing, someone goes and changes the rules. Or some new competitor opens up shop down the block and eats your lunch.

You’ve got to commit to doing the work.

Not interested? Prefer to write a check and have someone else do it?

Good. That makes the rest of us happier because our job is going to be that much easier.

Make your choice. Because while you’re sitting around thinking about the next “get rich quick” thing to save your practice, we’ve got out heads down.

We’re working. How about you?

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Why Podcasting Matters More Now Than Ever Before

In October 2010 I wrote about podcasting as a law firm marketing tool.  At the time, I was just re-launching my original show, The Debt Podcast, with Gene Melchionne.

After a few fits and starts, we scrapped the project.  Not because it wasn’t getting traffic, but because we didn’t have a groove that made us happy with the finished product.

Two years later, we launched Money Go Roundtable as a 5-episode limited run.  We didn’t know where it would go, or if it would even last beyond the originally-planned shows.  But it was worth a shot, so we went for it.

Things have been going really well, and I wanted to get you an update.  I planned it out about a week ago.

Then Leo Laporte did a keynote address as New Media Expo.

Leo’s one of the biggest podcasters on Earth, and has been at the helm of the TWiT Network since 2004.  So I thought I’d let you watch what he has to say.  Watch the video below (if you’re seeing this article in your email, click through to the original article here.

Video streaming by Ustream

5 Steps To Escaping The Big-Box Law Firm Website Company

evil lawyer web designYou’ve got to be smart when looking to leave that big-box company handling your law firm’s website.

Remember when that slick salesperson came into your office to sell you a website?  It felt a little like you were being sold volcano insurance, but the promises were hard to ignore.

First page on the search engines.  Endless rivers of new, highly-qualified clients.

The company would even give you a bunch of content – or optimize what you sent them.

A 2-year contract, a hefty monthly fee, and you were off to the races.

Just one new case per month pays for it, the salesperson cooed in your ear.

Then you began to realize the truth behind the lies. [Read more...]