LPP004: Up Periscope!

Today's show is a surprise because it's the result of a test I was convinced would fail - and which succeeded beyond my expectations. This weekend at the Student Loan [...]

LPP003: Facebook Pages Training For Bankruptcy Lawyers

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of Facebook for marketing my practice. In fact, I’ve been all-in on Facebook for about a [...]

Get More Clients and Jump-Start Your Marketing

You need to get more paying clients in the door. And you need to do it now. When bankruptcy filings are down, that may sound [...]

#001: How to Market Your Bankruptcy Practice Online in 5 Easy Steps

There's just one way to profitably, and consistently, bring in new bankruptcy clients as a result of your online marketing efforts. I reverse engineered the [...]

The Future of the Practice of Bankruptcy Law

For some bankruptcy lawyers, the slowdown in filings started in 2012. Others held on awhile longer, but it's safe to say that in 2015 there are few consumer bankruptcy attorneys [...]