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I have just been informed that EZ-Filing, a major bankruptcy forms preparation package used by a number of consumer bankruptcy lawyers around the country, has become part of the CINgroup of companies.

CIN provides Consumer Liability Reports, Post Discharge Review, Tax Transcripts, Valuation, Title, Real Property, Credit Score Analysis, as well as Data Information and Due Diligence Services to the profession.

With the addition, of EZ-Filing, CIN rounds out the suite of services available to lawyers who practice in the field.

Personally, I don’t get it.

Some of my colleagues have experienced problems with EZ-Filing for a year or more, and many have jumped ship for other products such as BestCase (which is the program we use in my office). Though EZ-Filing is reportedly developing an updated product, time will tell whether it’s good enough to win back the hearts and wallets of the bankruptcy bar.

Even if EZ-Filing rocks, it may have missed the boat. Filings are down, consumer bankruptcy lawyers have less spare change than ever to spend on new programs, and it’s tough to win back lost customers.

In addition, bankruptcy lawyer Walter Oney has been developing a preparation program that’s been getting rave reviews from early users. It’s not available for New York or California matters yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing the product succeed.

More to the point is the fact that we’re living in a time when platforms such as the Mac and Linux are beginning to see strong gains in the law firm. With no Mac-native programs on the horizon, we’re stuck with using virtualization programs to mimic a Windows environment.

This is to say nothing of the fact that more and more solos and small firm lawyers are using cloud-based applications to run their practices. Lots of my colleagues are using RocketMatter and Clio as case management systems, walking away from bloated legacy systems like TimeMatters.

Maybe CIN is planning on taking EZ-Filing into the cloud, revolutionizing the field of bankruptcy preparation programs at long last. I sure hope so. But until that happens, I’ll just fire up BestCase and be glad it works as advertised.

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