Google Plus For Lawyers: Some Essential Resources

Last week Google rolled out Google Plus, a social network that’s being called a “Facebook Killer.” Whether it is or is not remains to be seen, but this latest entrant into the social media space by the search giant is likely to have an impact on the future of how we interact on the web. I’m not saying Plus will take over the world, though; it may fail entirely, in which case it would serve as yet another testing grounds for Google for a future social media play.

As lawyers begin to get their Plus invitations and set about playing in this new field, there are likely to be questions and the common “what the hell is this Plus thing?” sentiment that we’ve experienced time and time again. To help you along, I’ve decided to put together this guide to some of the cornerstone posts from around the web about Plus.

Google Plus: The Basics

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Tutorials And Getting Started With Google Plus

How to invite friends to join Google Plus

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How to mention someone in the Google Plus

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My Take

I’ve been playing around with Plus over the past few days, trying to make heads or tails of it.  For now I think it’s a potentially valuable tool but it all comes down to the network effect.  If enough people join Plus and start using it then it could be fantastic, what with the ability to silo your contact groups and direct conversations to the right people rather than vomiting it out to an entire stream of thousands of folks who couldn’t care less.

Look for more from me.  Until then, enjoy.  I’ll see you on Plus.