Finally, A Direct Mail System For Bankruptcy Lawyers That Works

(Without Making You Feel Dirty)

When you sell something, you’re supposed to do a sales letter.  And I was going to, but I decided against it.  After all, either you want a kick-ass direct mail system or you don’t.  Nothing I do it going to convince you either way, so why bother trying?

Instead, I’m just going to put it out there.

You Get The Workshop Sessions

My closed-door session on using direct mail is among the most successful ones I’ve ever done.  Covering over two full hours, I explain to you:

  • the mechanics of direct mail
  • why a foreclosure or judgment list may not be the best idea for your direct mail campaign
  • the benefits of waiting until after everyone else mails to your list
  • how a multi-part campaign works (and why)
  • elements of a direct mail piece
  • using words that get people to read your mail
  • how to find the best headlines
  • calls to action
  • how long a direct mail piece must be
  • and more, more, more

And You Get The Letters

I’ve got to confess – I’m in love with these letters.  And so long as you’re not into sleazy, deceptive marketing tactics you’ll love them as well.

These letters are simple, straight-forward and totally above-board.  You will not be ashamed to send them out with your name on them.

I’m talking about my Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 direct mail letters, the key pieces in my direct mail puzzle.  These letters are seriously lethal – I did really, really well with them.  And like I said, they didn’t make me feel like some bottom-feeder when I sent them out.

All you need to do is modify them for your information, merge with a list of your choosing, and start mailing them.

Each package is 3 letters – 3 for Chapter 7 and 3 for Chapter 13.  They are designed to go out in sequence, so they’re not stand-alone.  They play directly into my proven techniques for direct mail, which are discussed in detail in the audio workshop sessions.

If you want the audio sessions and the letters, it comes to $764.

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