About Legal Practice Pro

If you’re a solo practitioner or small firm lawyer trying to make heads or tails of the world of online legal marketing and the ways in which we connect with clients, you’re in the right place.  Legal Practice Pro gives you not only the tools and insights you need to remain competitive in the marketplace, but with a twist.  And that’s not just blowing smoke, my friend.

What’s the difference between this site and every other legal marketing “guru” and “expert” out there?  For starters, I’m an actual lawyer – not some ivory tower MBA or consultant who’s never actually had to make payroll and deal with the stresses of running a law firm.

I’m not knocking the consultants.  In fact, I’m one of them.  But I don’t have an MBA.  Nor do I trot out the same tired cliches that so many of them use time and time again.  And I don’t talk about generalities.

You don’t have the time for pleasantries.  Neither do I.  We’ve both got clients to attend to, court appearances to make, and payroll to meet.  We’re looking to do good work and make a profit in a profession that, quite frankly, isn’t what it used to be.

Or maybe it is exactly what it used to be.  A dusty, backward-looking calling that involves an education that beat the living crap out of you until every ounce of creativity and business sense is banished forever.  A jealous mistress that all but requires you to leave your humanity at the door.

But the world’s changed, hasn’t it?  We connect online, share information, educate ourselves, and do an unholy amount of research when we’ve got a problem in our lives.  There are millions of lawyers in the United States, and we need to stand out of we’ll get lost in the shuffle.

About Jay S. Fleischman

Hi, I’m Jay.  I’m a consumer bankruptcy lawyer, a geek, a dad and a husband.  I used to think I had to put the parts of my life in some sort of order depending on where I was – a lawyer at work, a husband at home, and a geek in my spare time (ha ha).

But that didn’t make me very happy.

My marketing was a mess. You name it, I was there. Yellow Pages, FindLaw, lawyers.com, newspapers, television, radio – I was spending thousands of dollars each month and crossing my fingers the the phone would ring each day.

My clients were a mess. Clients didn’t show up for appointments, haggled over fees, and didn’t cooperate. I was chasing people down and losing them in droves. Every day it seemed like I’d have a full schedule and end up sitting around waiting for no-shows.  I was bitter, and my clients knew it.

My office was a mess. I was using expensive office equipment, writing myself notes on scraps of paper that would promptly get lost, and always running to catch the next piece of china before it fell to the ground.

In other words – everything about my life sucked.

So I did what most people do when confronted with a conundrum – I threw it all up in the air in frustration.

My practice was running on fumes, and so was I.  I went to the office every day to feed the advertising monster and pay my staff.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and beaten down from dealing with clients and putting out fires all day.

One day I sat in my office staring at a pile of bills and ignoring the phones, wondering why I was spending 12 hours a day working like a dog and barely scraping by.

I was a victim of my own business, slaving away each day keeping all the balls in the air.  There wasn’t enough time in the day, not enough days in the week, and not enough money staying in my pocket to make me remotely happy.

I contemplated my own bankruptcy, shuttering the place and moving on.  But I started asking questions – of myself, and of my clients.  I wondered why I wasn’t getting good clients, why I was chasing a mythical pot of gold at the end of a mythical rainbow, and how I could make things better.

My answers forced me to break the cycle of marketing and client service that had been ingrained in me by the legal profession.

Though the basics were out there for all to see, nobody had adapted them to consumer bankruptcy lawyers. Our reality is a unique one, filled with ethical concerns as well as client realities. Undeterred, I set about creating the roadmap needed to make my practice a successful, profitable and powerful one that gave me a better life and created value for my clients.

Out of that knowledge grew this site.

Now I help lawyers around the country create better businesses – ones they can be proud of, ones that let them have the quality of life they deserve.

Check out the site, sign up for the newsletter, and hang out here.  We’re going to have a long talk, and I’m going to help you.

Just to be clear, I do sell stuff here – products and services that I create to help you do things better and more productively.  I also sell things other people create.  From time to time we’ll talk about those products and services, and you should buy if it’s right for you.  Some things will appeal to you, others not so much.  No worries – I’m never going to turn the screws on you to get something that sucks or doesn’t work.

Because we’re in this together, you and I.

Let’s go.