Why Podcasting Matters More Now Than Ever Before

In October 2010 I wrote about podcasting as a law firm marketing tool.  At the time, I was just re-launching my original show, The Debt Podcast, with Gene Melchionne.

After a few fits and starts, we scrapped the project.  Not because it wasn’t getting traffic, but because we didn’t have a groove that made us happy with the finished product.

Two years later, we launched Money Go Roundtable as a 5-episode limited run.  We didn’t know where it would go, or if it would even last beyond the originally-planned shows.  But it was worth a shot, so we went for it.

Things have been going really well, and I wanted to get you an update.  I planned it out about a week ago.

Then Leo Laporte did a keynote address as New Media Expo.

Leo’s one of the biggest podcasters on Earth, and has been at the helm of the TWiT Network since 2004.  So I thought I’d let you watch what he has to say.  Watch the video below (if you’re seeing this article in your email, click through to the original article here.

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