Starting A Bankruptcy Practice – If I Did It Today

I recent ran read a blog post by Chris Brogan entitled, If I Were A Realtor. As most of Chris’s posts do, this one made me think about the process of starting a bankruptcy practice if I were to do it today.

I’m a bankruptcy lawyer, and I like to think in terms of the evolution of communication. Blogging, podcasting, social media, stuff like that.

So what would I do to build my practice if I were starting from Square One today?

  • I’d start a blog about personal finance in my town or city
  • I’d take pictures of local businesses and residents, then I’d post them on Flickr for people to see and comment on
  • I’d record my thoughts when I left the courthouse each day (careful to keep names and case-specific particulars out of it) and post those audio thoughts as podcasts
  • I’d read every local blog I could find, and then I’d start to share my comments on their posts when appropriate
  • I’d find everyone in my community on Twitter, and I’d listen to what they had to say
  • I’d put up screencasts and videos explaining every single line of a bankruptcy petition, then I’d put them on YouTube for people to watch and understand
  • I’d educate people about bankruptcy in a way they could understand

Here are the things I wouldn’t do:

  • I wouldn’t copy my competition
  • I wouldn’t wear a suit and a tie unless it was comfortable for me to do so
  • I wouldn’t force my clients to bow to my whims
  • I wouldn’t revert to legalese and technical terminology because nobody understands it
  • I wouldn’t compete on price

We’re in that time of year when we all seek rebirth of some sort, a fresh start in our businesses. Imagine what you’d do differently this time around, and do some of it.

What’s stopping you?