There Are No Shortcuts

shortcutYou fire up a new website or blog, expecting to see massive amounts of traffic. Your web marketing company promised it, after all.

A web guru says during a webinar that you need to get into search engine optimization. You need to repeat certain terms in your website so the Internet will rank you at the top of the results. So you turn every page into, “Bankruptcy Lawyer In Cleveland,” and wait for the rankings.

No such luck.

Someone tells you that you MUST be on Twitter. So you sign up and push out a bunch of links, expecting them to go viral and make you a superstar.

Doesn’t happen.

Here’s the thing: there are no shortcuts. No magic button to press, no secrets to be revealed.

Yes, you need to understand search engine optimization. Then you need to deploy it, hone it, perfect your technique.

Sure, you should understand the impact of social media and where it fits with your audience.

The learning never ends. There is no finish line. Because once you know what you’re doing, someone goes and changes the rules. Or some new competitor opens up shop down the block and eats your lunch.

You’ve got to commit to doing the work.

Not interested? Prefer to write a check and have someone else do it?

Good. That makes the rest of us happier because our job is going to be that much easier.

Make your choice. Because while you’re sitting around thinking about the next “get rich quick” thing to save your practice, we’ve got out heads down.

We’re working. How about you?

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