TypePad adds TypePad Pages

With TypePad Pages you can set up an individual web page with your blog. This is something a lot of people have been talking about and wanting.

With the new TypePad Pages, you can use all the power of TypePad’s posting tools to create as many individual web pages as you want. And those pages have all the power of TypePad’s widgets and rich media features, automatically inheriting the look and feel you’ve chosen for your blog.

This feature is available at all account levels, to all TypePad members. To create a Page, go to Compose > Page and add Page content (text, images, video, etc…) just as you would a post. When you want to update a Page, simply open it from the List Pages tab and edit and save it as you would a post.

I will play around with this new feature and see what I can come up with. If any of you try it out, make sure to put a link to your new TypePad Page in the comments to this post. That way we can all see what is being done with the new feature.


  1. says

    Grant, WordPress has had this feature for quite a while now (at least it appears so as you've described it.) I've never used typepad myself.
    I know a lawyer who uses it as her start page and has a link to proceed to a blog. Eliminates the need to have a separate static site, while retaining the benefits of a blog structured site.
    Thanks for your blog. It has inspired me into thinking about moving out of my "ivory" second floor tower. Maybe I'll be out in a couple of years?

  2. Paul Jacobson says

    Yeah, this is something WordPress has supported for a while now and at the same time a welcome addition to TypePad's offering. I would like to see uploads to the TypePad service being more accessible via FTP or some form of export. That is a feature that would really make TypePad a great service if you take into account everything else you get with it.

  3. says

    Although I'm not an attorney Grant, I thought you might be interested in additional input concerning this subject.
    I have added four new pages to my blog using the new Typepad Pages feature and have been quite pleased with the results. I have many additional ideas in mind as well. The page promoting my book is the most "website-like" of the group.
    Please visit and let me know what you think!