What’s The 5-Year Plan?

blackberry in five yearsForbes, in an article on April 1, 2012, noted that BlackBerry is struggling to stay afloat.  Five years ago it was the king of the smartphone; now people are hoping someone steps up to buy the ailing device maker.

Five years ago people were comparing it to the Palm Treo, another device long gone.

Five years isn’t that long, is it?

Five years ago, my colleagues were dealing with the aftermath of the change in the consumer bankruptcy laws. From the end of 2005 until 2007, many of the lawyers I knew were folding up shop; others relying on lines of credit until clients came knocking at the door again.

We were waiting.

One thing very few of us did, however, was reimagine the practice of consumer bankruptcy law in the new world.

When the business came back, everyone in the industry cheered.  We were suddenly useful once more, and could afford our own mortgages.  Many who had begun to litigate matters turned back to the day-to-day grind of filing cases, others kept on.

Still, we did the same thing that we’d done in the past.  Some technological advancement, but not much in the way of innovation.

Now we’re watching the bankruptcy market collapse again in many parts of the country, some worse than others.  Again, many of you have emailed me to let me know you’re packing it in or taking on new debt to stay afloat.

You’ve still got the ability to think of a better way of doing what you do.  You can learn, grow and think bigger.

But the world changes fast.  Don’t wait another minute.

If you keep doing what you’re going, where will you be in five years?

Image credit:  arrayexception